Anders Norman

Behind the song FREEDOM

I wanted to create a completely new style and sound than my previous releases. So I contacted my friend and producer Johan Holmström, who is a genious creator and send him a demo.

He removed the original music, kept the vocals and build the riff, and the music around my vocals melody.

We then brought in musicians to play each instrument and their task was: have fun!

The songs lyrics, it's a bout democracy, it's about freedom of speech.  It's a pretty big kick in the butt for the big tech companies. 

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others that ban people here and there and making their own laws. 

First verse:

"Have you heard about the man lost in the jungle

He wasn’t following the signs" 

"The man lost in the jungle" is an internet user, posting something that the "censor people" on facebook didn't like so they will "wipe away his smile".

The chorus

"Freedom for the thought that we hate"'s kind of a hippie message but respect others, even if you don't agree with them.

Second verse: 

"There are people in the streets marching with peace signs, setting cars on fire"

The left vs right, what happened to tolerance and respect?



The part with the drumbreak followed by solos are incredible.

We told the drummer: Do something creative and have fun.

He really nails it and the guitar solo and the saxophone along with the chorus.

You can't ignore, you can´t resist.

You just got to move your feet.


Frank "Frallan" Nilsson on drums.

Oliver Moe on bass

Andreas Ericsson on guitars

Peter Zimny on saxophone

Johan Holmström keyboards

Background vocals: Anders Norman/Johan Holmström

Lead vocals: Anders Norman